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A family based in Morocco is seeking an outstanding tutor of Science and Computing to work online with their three daughters, aged seventeen, thirteen and seven.

The children currently attend a US curriculum school in Tangier, Morocco, having previously attended a British International school in Portugal. Their schooling is supported by a family tutor who is additionally preparing the eldest daughter for her university applications.

The eldest daughter, aged seventeen, is highly intelligent and pragmatic, with a friendly and easygoing personality. She is motivated in her studies and respectful towards her teachers. With a natural tact and maturity beyond her years, she is eager to learn and is currently considering her options for her university education, which she is likely to pursue in the UK or the US. Her favourite subjects are Computer Science, Political Science and Economics, the first of which she intends to study at degree level. Outside of school, she likes to read, draw, and play sports. She regularly comes top of her class in a number of subjects taking pleasure in learning and broadening her knowledge.

The middle daughter, aged thirteen is also highly intelligent, with an active mind and a joyful personality. She is gifted in Mathematics, Literature and Music and outside of school enjoys reading, drama and writing her own stories and songs. Lately she has started falling behind in some of her studies, with concentration and motivation in her schoolwork sometimes lacking.

The youngest daughter, aged seven, has shown some considerable academic potential and finds herself some way ahead of her peers in both Maths and Literacy, and so for now is able to explore a number of topics outside of her school curriculum with the family tutor, whilst reinforcing her reading and numeracy. She is playful, energetic and curious and responds well to game-based and practical learning.
All the children lead a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoy practising a number of sports, including swimming, ballet, tennis and football to name a few.


The tutor is expected to ensure all students are up to date, and exceeding where possible, their school curricula in the relevant subjects. Beyond this, the tutor will explore tangential areas of study, including practical experiments when possible, which most excite and develop the knowledge of the students.

The tutor should develop a system to define and monitor the progress of each student. This will be tailored to suit the timeframes, milestones and educational ambitions of each of the three girls. This system, as well as the broader program of study, will be communicated to and discussed with the family’s primary homeschooling tutor.

Tuition will take place online on two days of the week to be determined. The tutor must be available all day on these days for scheduling of lessons, which may occur last-minute, due to the girls’ busy schedule. The tutor should use the rest of their time on these two days to prepare and review materials for the girls’ courses.
During holidays, by mutual agreement, the tutor may join the family for up to 4 weeks per year to carry out some extended tuition, and will be paid a supplementary charge of $600 per week. During such trips, the tutor can expect to tutor the girls for up to 15 hours per week spread over the week, and such in-person periods of study should prioritise practical learning wherever possible. Accommodation and flights will be provided.


The ideal tutor will have an excellent academic record and significant experience teaching across at least three of: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Engineering.

Familiarity with the US and UK school curricula as well as University systems is desirable, as is experience of bespoke curriculum design and conducting practical experiments.

The successful candidate will be a warm and natural communicator, highly organised and capable of executing different plans of study which are age-appropriate, and tailored to the students’ interests and ambitions.


Commencement date: September 2023.

Contractual Term: 1 year initially with potential for renewal.

Salary: $45,000 - $55,000 with a 15% retention upon completion of the contractual term.

Hours: The tutor can expect to be on call from 8am to 9pm 2 days per week.

Days off: 5 days per week during online periods; at least 2 consecutive days per week during any in-person periods.

Holidays: 10 weeks per year, to be agreed in advance with the family.

Accommodation: Accommodation and/or a stipend will be provided during those periods of in-person tuition.

Travel: By mutual agreement.

Transport: During periods of in-person tuition, transit to and from the place of work will either be provided or reimbursed.

To apply, please send your CV to with the subject line “STEM Online Homeschooling”.

A referral fee of $250 is given upon recommendation of a tutor who is subsequently appointed to the position.

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